Esports is an industry to take seriously.
If you don’t know, now you know.

Paperlyte is humbled to be involved since the early days of competitive esports. LANs were played in warehouses, the back of computer repair stores and small hotel ballrooms.

Now these shows take place on downtown rooftops, million dollar stages and in sporting arenas. Prize pools in the multi-millions. People think twice about putting down the controller for a standard 9 to 5.

Broadcasts rival traditional sporting networks, matching quality and pushing it further. We’ve been on this long road and helped define elements in the industry, pioneering content in challenging logistic conditions.

From live streaming to media production, Paperlyte has been a crucial part in producing countless hours/days/weeks/months of content and we are not slowing down.


On Site Video Content

Our streamlined processes allows flexibility and to quickly produce, shoot and edit high-quality mini-docs, sizzles, and match up videos for live broadcasts within hours.


Documentary/Web Series

Esports is a fast paced and always moving narrative. We also help clients take time to focus on a person or project with a longer-form product. Creating more insight to an internal project or diving into a players backstories allows the audience to more deeply connect and develop a relationship with the subject and in turn, your brand.


Live Streaming

Utilizing the latest in streaming technology and creating creative solution to offer power production lines in unique spaces, we are able to produce and distribute a variety of live content to an audience of thousands anywhere in the world.

Magic The Gathering: Arena - Mythic Invitational

Magic The Gathering: Arena - Mythic Invitational

Pokémon World Championships - Nashville, TN

Pokémon World Championships - Nashville, TN

Univeristy LoL: Playoff Show

Univeristy LoL: Playoff Show

Rainbow 6: Siege - SIEGE DAY!

Rainbow 6: Siege - SIEGE DAY!

Our esports/gaming clients:

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Including many others:

AnyKey — ESL — ESL ONE — ESEA — Quake Champions — ReedPop — PAX(South/East/West/Australia) — Comic Con (San Diego, Emerald City, New York, C2E2) Star Wars Celebration — Polaris — Maker Studios — SCUF Gaming — Plantronics — BenQ — Gears of War Gigabyte/Aorus — WWE — UFC — Final Fantasy Fan Fest — Oculus/The Unspoken — PUBG — Disney — Amazon — World Series of Poker — Collegiate Star League — Game Grumps — The Attack — VainGlory — Zynga

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