Case Study: CFP


Pre Production:

Part of the initial discussions in drafting concepts was determining the audience for the project. After much research, we concluded that men and women 18 to 21 (roughly HS Seniors to College Juniors) would be the most affected by our message.

We worked closely with the College Football Playoff Foundation to develop and pitch five turn-key concepts for a national broadcast spot. These concepts varied in size and scope. A combination on these concepts was ultimately used for the the final product.

We asked teachers from all across the country, “Why do you teach.” Simple, and straight to the point.



  • One day shoot Adamson HS
  • # number of teachers
  • # of setups


Produced multiple versions for broadcast


Added Value

Using real teachers, not actors, to drive home the message that teaching is a honorable, fufilling profession they should consider. Many teachers of the year


Audience Response:

Premiered during the College football playoffs and played during games live.