Video Campaigns


You media needs a plan.


We partner with clients to help them plan and identify both short and long term media strategies. Creating the maximum value starts with identifying opportunities in pre-production then executing throughout the production and post process.

A story doesn’t just exist in a single video but instead is intertwined within your brand across multiple platforms and media. It is important to tell your overall story both comprehensively and consistently and that is where we can come in.


College Football Playoff


A big brand like College Football tells A LOT of stories. We are honored to help tell their arguably most important story, the story for improving education. The College Football Playoff Foundation focused on inspiring the educators that are responsible for delivering quality education to our nations youth on a daily basis.

This campaign began by speaking with these incredible teachers and asking simply:

“Why do you teach?”

The story continued, not just from the teacher perspective but leveraging the testimonials of famous NFL legends and sharing a teacher who made an impact on their lives.

Sitting down with talent like Troy Aikman, Tim Brown and Russell Maryland, to name a few, to learn about how their favorite teachers changed their lives.

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